No Deposit Bonuses, And Some Other Bonuses Available?


We have seen in other posts some of the different aspects associated with no deposit bonuses. They are among the most popular bonuses at online casinos today, and that is regardless of whether the bonus is a small one or a big one. The fact of the matter is that it is free, and everybody loves free stuff.

Imagine a scenario where you go to buy something and the storeowner gives you some equally delightful stuff to you even before you have paid for your purchases, that too at no cost! You feel good about the place and are determined to come back for more. Even before that, you will probably buying a few more things than you had originally planned, just as a gesture of thanks to the storeowner. That is how a no deposit bonus works for people; the benefits it brings to the player are just too good to ignore.

We have already seen in various posts what a no deposit bonus is, how it works, some dos and don’ts, and lots more. So is that all a casino offers by way of bonuses and incentives to its players? Or are there more where they came from? Let us take a look at some of the other bonuses available at casinos today.

The Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is usually the first bonus that a player gets on signing up with a casino. A no deposit bonus is also a welcome bonus, and it does not require you to deposit funds into your account. The usual welcome bonus that most online casinos offer is operational only once you have funded your account.

The welcome bonus is usually a match bonus, i.e. the casino matches a percentile of the amount you are putting up. Some casinos spread this bonus across multiple deposits, for instance, across the first three deposits. In such cases the percentile of the match bonus may vary for each deposit.

The Cashback and Referral Bonuses

Two other bonuses that many online casinos commonly offer are the cashback bonus and the referral bonus. The cashback bonus comes into play usually for existing players, and is a good way of recovering some of the money you may have lost at the casino. An online casino usually offers a percentile of the amount, with a ceiling amount in place, through this bonus.

The referral bonus is also a great bonus because it is paid out each time you refer a friend to the casino. The friend must have signed up with a real money account at the casino for you to be eligible for this bonus. The referral bonus is usually a fixed number that is credited to your account once your friend has opened his account with the casino.

Alternate Payment Method Bonuses

A large number of online casinos encourage players to use the alternate payment methods available for making deposits or taking out winnings. One direct way of encouraging this is by offering a bonus. A number of online casinos offer an alternate payment method bonus for choosing certain specific payment methods to deposit funds into her account.

Alternate payment method bonuses are not necessarily available at all online casinos. The ones that have them usually have a good spread of payment methods. So this means the player does not have to worry about making the right choice when it comes to picking a payment method to deposit funds into his online casino account.